The Perfect Hair Stlye for Your Face

While you are riffling your magazine, you coincide with the best hair style you have ever seen. You easily make up your mind and set off your coiffeur saloon. Your hair dresser applies the same model, but the result is unimagined and makes you jittery. As your face shape does not resemble the face of the celebrity you have seen in the magazine, the hair style you have admired so much becomes ordinary for you. Let us illustrate it with your clothing choice. When you are shopping, you can not buy a dress which you admired but does not suit your body shape. The same rule is valid for the choice of hair style. What you should do firstly is determining your face shape. Then, you can riffle the magazines and find the best model for your hair.

Square face

In order to remove the emphasis of being square, you should be applied short or medium hair cuts, wave or curls, or wispy bangs. Body wave, side parts and fullness at the crown work well for your face. You should avoid long straight hair, straight bobs, and blunt bags.

Oval-shaped face
As this the most balanced face shape, you can apply all cuts to your hair. Your chin and forehead are balanced, so you may prefer long or short cut, it already suits to your face. What you should avoid is letting your hair on your face by hiding your forehead.

Rectangular, Long face
If you have a rectangular face, it means that you have a long face, and your below cheeks and forehead has the same width. The best thing to do is diminishing the effect of lengthiness of your face. Short cuts with fullness at the sides and wispy bangs work well for you. What you should avoid is long hair which will lengthen your face more.

Triangle face
You have a narrower forehead and wider chin, so you should be applied hair styles the opposite of this order to have the balance. First of all, you should avoid hair styles which will emphasize your chin. The fullness and height will be given to the upper part by giving layers to your hair. Shorter hair is also applicable for balancing your face shape.

Heart-shaped face
Heart-shaped faces are widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin. What you should apply in this face shape is short hair and chin length hair which gives fullness around your chin. As your temple is wider, you should avoid styles and cuts which emphasize your temple. But, short shags, wispy bangs are the best models as they are showing your chin.

Round face
To diminish the effect of very roundedness of your face, you need to be applied hair cuts which will show your face longer and narrower. Thus, for a narrower face, you should be applied fullness and height at the crown. By means of short hair, short cuts swept back from your forehead and longer than chin length are the most preferable ones. You should not apply models that have fullness at the sides of ears and straight chopped bangs.

Full forehead, long chin
To provide balance, you need to give volume to your chin as your forehead is large and chin is long. The recommended styles are bangs, mid-length bob, and layered cuts.

Large features
If you have prominent lines, full hair is your help. The effect of a big nose can be diminished by full hair. To reduce the effect of your lines avoid straight hair. Also, highlights in your hair can get more attention than your face lines.

Long or short neck
Long neck is among the physical features that really get attention, so long neck needs to be emphasized. You can emphasize it with your hair style; for example, by cutting it short. Also, long hair styles give your neck classical and elegant outlook. To give the impression of length to a short neck, short cuts that taper the hair at the base of the neck is the most suitable ones.

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