Eye Shadow Tips For Blue Eyes

The completing side of make-up, eye shadow, is as precious as gold as it makes the colour of eyes clearer. But, mostly people choose the colour of eye shadow according to what they wear and the colour of their dress. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by women. The characteristics for choosing eye shadow depend on the eye colour, hair colour and skin colour. Different hair colours with blue eyes will lead the change in the colour of make-up.

The mostly recommended colours for blue eyes are grey, violet, purple, and taupe. Especially, the dark blue enables the blue eye to appear more brightly. Some people prefer using bright blue with black liner by mixing them to provide a classic make-up for their special occasions. On the other hand, turquoise, fuchsia, and silver are among the colours to be mixed up and applied.

If you have blue eyes and you are blond, then what you should choose are the colours of violets and lavenders. That is why they enable fairer skin than their hair. For blonds, neutral colours can be chosen in day time aside from the attractiveness of purple.

If your hair is red, then brown eye shadows are the best ones to get on well with your blue eyes. As you already have had a lively colour of hair, your eyes also are needed to be clearer. In your night meetings, you can prefer gold shimmer with your brown eye shadow to have a brighter make-up.

After applying these rules, you will also realize that it is better to choose eye shadow according to eye and hair colour rather than the colour of dress.

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